Issues with the frame rate

Hi, I've been noticing in the steam forums that a lot of players seems to have frame rate and stuttering issues in game. I also have this kind of issues but from the looks of it, it doesn't seem that graphics, cards, cpu, nor ram seems to be the problem. The game is great however something changed in Beta 2, during Beta 1 my PC wasn't having too much of an issue, just a bit of stuttering, few lag spikes, and the frame rate was between 20-40 FPS. This was also during the time where my built PC was using the I3 6100. Now on Beta 2 I switched my CPU from I3 to now I5 6400 in hope to increase the FPS just a bit, every other part of my RIG stayed the same. My current RIG is i5 7400 3Ghz, gtx geforce 1050, 8gb RAM, a HM110 MSI motherboard, don't have any SSD only HDD, and a few other parts I don't know(I don't fully know all parts of my built PC since my cousin helped me build it). Which is sort of above the recommend system requirements on a reddit post that mentioned about the system requirements on Sandstorm. I know it is not that great and some might think it could that my RIG could be the one causing the problem, however there are other players who have a bit better RIB than mine also seem to have issues with the frame rates and the constant stuttering in game. I tried following some of the FPS/Stutter Fix but it doesn't seem to help, I even tried overclocking my CPU and GPU, doesn't seem to work either. For I am just writing this now so then the Developers can see this and hopefully tries to find a way to fix this issue and a few other bugs in game to make this game sort of available to some players who have a lower RIG.

I had a lot of issues until I put a frameratelimit in the GameUserSettings.ini, I put it at the max my display can refresh and the game could at least be played. You find the ini files in "users/"username"/AppData/Local/Saved/Config/WindowsClient/". Didn't help with the stuttering though.