Horrific hit registration if you are not already aware, which you should of been during the alpha months ago.

coop is bad with hit reg. american west servers have huge issues. in addition to being bullet sponges, the bots can also snipe through walls from across the map

@benz said in Why is there no tagging in this so called "hardcore" game?:



This is just stupid. Sniper shot and he keeps running like nothing happened 😃

Red mist in this one suggests it doesn't guarantee a hit was registered. M24 should always 1-shot AFAIK.

If it doesn't they should buff it.

@sirpenetrator i only play in Europe and experience this bad hitreg every single game

this gets much more nasty if you use bolt action

On the steam discussions: [DEV] Hitreg fix incoming

Yesterday we found a pretty significant issue with Insurgency: Sandstorm's hit detection code.

We have tested a fix for this a few hours ago and we hope to be able to push it live on Thursday where you should see significant improvements.

Another video when leaning to the side.

@doghead Hope it fixes it all, then we can nuckledown and tackle this TTK problem afterwards.

Another video


There's supposed to be a hotfix today to address these issues but it has yet to release.