Why the unnessasary, feature ruining, and frankly kind of stupid restriction on mixed race teams?

Exactly what I asked. I bought the game a long while ago but stopped playing because I wanted to make a custom team of my own design, and I bought the expansion specifically because it said I could have mixed race teams. But what I get is not the free-for-all I was hoping for, but rather this annoying faction system that prevents me from having the team I actually want (dark elves, necromatic, and vampires). Why? What prompted this? It is like someone took a look at all the feedback, all the requests, and said "well that sounds cool and all, but we have to do SOMETHING to utterly ruin it and go out of our way to NOT give the players what they actually were asking for." Come on man, just...WHY???

Community Manager

Hi, mixed race restrictions are there for lore reasons. Cyanide doesn't own the Blood Bowl/Warhammer licence and has to comply with what Games Workshop allow them to do.

Well I suppose as far as reasons go that is a pretty good one. Never been into Warhammer so I wasn't aware of such lore, but if that is the case I can guess I can let it slide and hope for a mod or something. Still annoying though.

Ooh. Dark Elves, Necro and Vampires. Edgy AF. I bet you're so goth you shit bats :).

@waldorf Your comedy really went down hill after Statler's death.

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