Weird Question.

ok ill try to explain this the best way I can,
So I just recently installed the mod 'SpintiresModInstall.1.6.5.alpha' , and since installing it Ive noticed I now see my mouse controls at the bottom of the screen whenever I rotate the camera like so...


But I never had the problem before installing the mod as you can see from watching any of my more recent videos and @spun doesnt have this issue either after watching a few of his more recent videos. (hoping maybe he sees this topic) before I only saw the controls when I went for the shifter but now its everytime i rotate the camera , anyone else notice this?

Mine has always done this when rotating the camera. Guess I never noticed others didnt. Weird

@jake2829 yeah a few people i asked said the same that theres was always like that so i was second guessing myself but after watching my last video it has can see here that those controls only come up when i go for the shifter , and here on spuns video his only comes up when hes shifting as well...weird.

yeah, it has always done this. i dislike that it appears on screenshots even though it is part of the hud basicly and should disappear like the rest of stuff. i drive with F/A and the shifter is highlighted the whole time i drive and gets annoying to see.

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Yea I see it now. No idea

i have a fix but i use g27 with shifter and peddles . i just hold down my accelerator and it removes it while screenshotting.. could work for you guys on the pad

I dont have the problem screen shotting all i do is turn hud off during screen shots , or pushing the advanced key 'V' also removes it , but just regular driving its always there now when i rotate the camera just annoying exspecially while recording , o well ill get used to it i guess.

i dont have it while driving just wheen screen shotting .. ha ha

@smaronenine I don't have this. but my cameras altogether messed up to where the game was unplayable. I found a couple camera files in my "media" folder(not the zip). I'd check there under media> classes> cameras

u could always crop it out with black bars when you have recorded

@roughrider i dont have a cameras folder in my mudrunner media folder , i do have one in the editor directory though?

yeah i do not mind it there when i am driving, but it should disappear when taking screenshots at the very least. really though this would be nice for a togglable feature.

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