Question about AI team value in AI v Human leagues.


Myself and 3-4 of my friends will be starting a league together shortly. I see that AI teams can be added. The first competition we will all start at that 1000TV. However, from everything i am reading, if we take those teams to a second competition (season 2 etc) we will have to fill with 1000TV AI teams again? is there any way to change those TVs for the AI? or keep the same ones that develop over the time of the previous competitions? It seems like after the first competition, AI teams will be completely outclassed - unless we start our teams over ourselves each time.

Am I missing anything?

I have experimented with this very briefly. It appears the AI teams that you add are the average TV of the rest of the league. So add your player teams first.

Have fun if you have developed elves against the AI! 😃