Bug report by T.r.i.x.
  1. When I landed with the parachute on a car, this did not solve correctly, I still had the control of the parachute (or car?) in it.
    I could not move sideways with A & D, I was also shown no weapons, I could fire them, but I could not aim.

  2. at DUGA a wall has a texture error, see screenshot.

  3. Tree Textur Error near DUGA

2_1535743480391_20180831210448_1.jpg 1_1535743480391_20180831204913_1.jpg 0_1535743480391_20180831204912_1.jpg

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  1. It is not possible to shoot through fences or openings at military tents.
Fear The Wolves Community Moderator

Hey! Thanks for that! If you find anything else, post it here so devs can take care of that. 🙂

So, i dont have to open new topic?

Fear The Wolves Community Moderator

I mean, its up to you. I cant tell you what to do but IMHO its better to keep one thread updated instead of making new ones. 🙂

I was killed in a match, when I was in the next match I had this blood screen from the beginning, see photo.


since today evening i get sometime "EAC KICKET TIMEOUT"

When the round started, I got a game crash.
After I restarted the game I came back in the round, but could do nothing. I had sound but could not move or use any keys.

@t-r-i-x said in Bug report by T.r.i.x.:

since today evening i get sometime "EAC KICKET TIMEOUT"

done, today I had no problems

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