How about just remove heavy armor and keep one option of armor?

Heavy armor has become the new AP rounds. Everyone is using it, and if you don't, you are on a huge disadvantage.
How about just remove it completely, make the light armor just "armor" and make it cost 2 points?
I think if only the light armor was available, you are not in a huge disadvantage by not wearing any

It would seem kind of dumb to remove heavy armor it's been in the series since forever, Heave armor has it's downsides, It would be a dumb move really to just remove heavy armor.

Push the heavy armor points way up, make people chose what it more important to them. I think heavy armor still has a place here, just not balanced out yet. I still don't use it.

It was.
If you see it as rock-paper-scissors, AP worked as a counter to heavy armor. Now nothing other than 7.62 (hardly effectively) can do that.
This system needs to be reworked definitely, but I'm leaning more on the side of removing all armor and all ammo types altogether rather than add AP.