Hello. I have a 1280x1024 monitor, (I know, old age, trash, but at the moment I can not have a new one) I have 1280x768 set in the system and I play it in every game. I read about the error on the recap, where the players who used the borderless window were playing the FPS drops (probably I misunderstood). So I wanted to set a fullscreen, but the game with 1280x768 extended to 1280x1024 and in the system I have set that the monitor should be at 12080x768. What to do to make the game not stretch? Mention that I have the same Squad, even in the game files I have to be set to be 1280x768, but when I set the fullscreen, the game extends (in Squad, not in Insurgency). Is there a chance to fix this in Insurgency, but help some? I'm fed up with my monitor, I've never had a normal one.