Original Mudrunner mesh to Spintires

Hi! Am on the last stage of my Spintires Realims HD 3.0 mod now, more then 8 month of work, am working hard to release this on september our october max.

Question: I see many of Mudrunner model on internet converting to Spintires and i need to know if is posible to take this model to put on my Mod from Spintires ? Thanks to ask.

Some screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/9nuMChs

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cool pics... why u not make something for mudrunner?

Not sure, this is a lot of work 🙂

@devilbass said in Original Mudrunner mesh to Spintires:

Spintires Realims HD 3.0

Can't wait on your Spintires Realims HD 3.0 realese , thats look killer !

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