TTK(time to kill)

First of all love the game on PC. Just want to know if the TTK will follow suit same as your first game Insurgency on PC?

Do the bullets do different damage depending where you hit? Head(1 shot kill), Arm(1 shot 10% health), Leg 1 shot 10% health), Body(3-4 shots to kill) ect?

I felt it should have taken 2-3 more bullets to kill someone. You drop within 2-3 shots as of right now, unless to the head of course, 1 shot to the head equals instant kill as it should. I just feel it should take 2-3 more shots in the body then before.

What do you guys think?


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@eagle_one sounds like somebody isnt buying heavy armor

With heavy armor it takes about 7-10 bullets to the body for a kill.

@athios thats abit extreme its more like 4-7 depending on the caliber

I like the 2-3 shot system and the 4-10 for heavy armor. I don't see any need to change that aspect. It's just enough that you can fairly kill someone while also possibly avoid death.

@gaderic yeah, my noob ass really never messed with armor. Always used the points for grenades, smokes and suppressor. Lol...gotta choose your posion!

All in all, I agree.

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