64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!

Hey guys....So since the release of Mudrunner, mods have been pouring out from the community....we buckled down and picked up right where we left off on Mudrunner. But the community is experiencing some problems one way or another, but there is a solution. The game is currently operating on a 32 bit exe which limits the memory. We need a fix!!!!. We need the game updated to 64 bit. There has been talk of it around the forums and the end answer is we need to ban together and gather enough support to get this done for the game we love so much. Big thanks to the teams that are constantly fixing issues we throw at them and some we dont to keep this game moving in the right direction, but lets be honest the game needs to be 64 bit. so to gather support to get this done immediately!!!!!!!!!!! leave a comment below to support this update.
A short list of things we need:
- 32bit to 64bit exe
- More memory
- Headlight Sync
- Sound Sync
- This is a great game lets make it the best!!!


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Yes it needs to be 64BIT. This is such a great game but with it's limitations already being met it puts a damper on where we can go from here. Please support this topic and lets let the developers know this needs to happen.

I'm not sure why 64 Bit is not an option, even Euro Truck Sim 2 has that option in the launch dialog.

I think the 4GB patcher works to some extent.

I mean it runs smooth as marbles for me, but a 64 Bit option would be grand.

YES PLEASE. It would be great if the game was updated to 64bit.

I agree with these guys. Adding much of any extra content to the game goes over this mark of memory and everyone has had enough of it. @Netheos @Iyagovos

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These guys are right, we need a 64-bit exe. Would be tremendous help for the game. Most games including indie games have both options.

Please, we need 64bit mudrunner!

you have made a good game that could be a great game if you would make this game in 64 bit instead of 32.please help the game,thanks

Most definitely. The game can be so great. Please, Please, Please. I've still not had a day where the game works right with mods. Please give us some memory upgrades.

100% agreed

YASSSSS we really need this for the game. It would really help fix the bugs and crashes that are occurring in my games.

Yeah, 64 bit would be awesome. I hope focus changes it to 64 bit and makes the game even better.

Please add 64bit , let these awesome modders do their thing.

Please do this. Mods developed by members of the community are way more detailed, which is a really good thing. We need 64 bit to allow them to support this game thru the long haul.

yo, fix this joint, our community is the reason this game is not dead is the community fam

this is a really good thing please 64 bit! I beg of you!!!

you have made mudrunner the game / sim ... that could be a great game if you would make this game in 64 bit

64 bit would really keep this game alive.

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Please make this game 64bit. It would make an already great game even greater! Please devs update it to 64bit! 🙂

Very Much Needs To Be Updated To 64bit ASAP!

I agree raising the bar to 64 bit would give the game more room to grow for sure..you have my support !!! besides I am not sure why they made it 32 bit in the first place everyone that plays games on their PC's are 64 bit systems anyways...

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64bit is what this game has always needed. Support the people who support the game and give us 64 bit.

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Please make it 64 bit, it would be so much better.

yeah all we need is 64 bit update😠

I am 100% behind this. As a former XBOX Indie game tester and a tester for PC as well. I can say with certainty that this game will benefit from taking advantage of 64bit. Something tho that everyone needs to be aware of is that this is an uphill battle. I have been through a game migrating 32<64bit. It requires pretty much a recode of the entire game.

Which for this game would do it wonders as with more properly motivated and skilled coders working on the dev team they can flush out errors and miss code. While simultaneously able to add conveniences/features that many would love to see added.

However just like rebuilding the lower end of your motor... This becomes a huge chore no one wants to do. But if they did they could justify about anything as a "while you are in there" sort of situation. It sucks that the original makers of this game didn't think about this well ahead of time. Especially since 64bit is king. Just got to keep pushing this one till they budge. My bet is that they were already looking at migration when they got their hands on the game. They could make so much more money on the game and do so much more with it if they were.

Yes for 64BIT.EXE
We need the headlight sync

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