64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!

Hi all!

I've passed this on to the dev team and emphasised that it's something the community would really like us to implement. I can't promise anything, but we're aware of how badly you all want this.


64bit is what this game has always needed. Support the people who support the game and give us 64 bit.

Please make this game 64bit. It would make an already great game even greater! Please devs update it to 64bit! 🙂

I fully agrre. we need 64bit asap.

i hope the devs follow through and we have an update sooner rather than later ......

So do I, for example look at Farming Sim 17, same publishers: Focus Interactive. They still have fairly regular updates, DLC etc. Very nice to see how quick we got a response, and fingers crossed our voices get heard and ideas implemented.

I also think an upgrade to 64bit would fix many problems with this game. I have had a memory related crashing issue when any content is added from day 1.

We need 64 bits pls

yes please we need this!

Please update this game to 64Bit and add map support to the steam workshop. The modding community is why I choose to purchase this game in the first place. As logging does not interest me at all. It was the off road vehicles and challenging maps from the modding community that changed my opinion to purchase the game.

64bit is needed badly.
Headlight and sound sync would be really nice. But first and foremost it needs to be 64bit.

If a 64bit exe would help with the crashes and other problems, then I'm on board as well. Please go to a 64bit system.

Yes. This. 1000x this. I've had dreadful stability issues with the game right from launch, and I posted as much info for the support team to look into as I could in the Bug Reports thread of this forum because I genuinely wanted to do what I could to make this game eclipse Spintires when it comes to off-road games. Imagine how I felt when I found out from several (insider?) third parties that IT'S NOT A BUG... A bug can be a syntax error in the code, or an unforseen interaction between different aspects of the game/program that causes "undesired results", but this problem is something entirely different that the dev team has definitely been aware of since before the game even launched. They (I'm looking at you, @Pavel ) need to resolve this now, or risk watching all the time and effort (and let's not beat around the bush, the MONEY) they've dedicated to this game circle the drain and disappear because WE THE COMMUNITY hold the future of this game in our hands because those hands are also on our wallets... Focus, you guys could be standing on the brink of something amazing for your company and for the industry, so please take what you see here to heart and with a dedicated and talented community behind it this game could live a long, happy (and profitable) life. Without that community, this game will simply stagnate and die, and nobody wants to see that happen. Thank you for giving us this gift that is Mudrunner, and for the love of god help us help you make it one that "keeps on giving."