AI spawnkill

Hi !
I was in a game (map : Summit), coop mode, and my team mates and I got killed right after spawning by enemies right on the spawn site (they were no more than 3 meters away for us). It would seem that AI needs a "restricted area" system too.

Thanks !

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Ive been spawned into a coop game to be 100+ meters from the objective, in a group of enemies

Today I played Coop, my team respawned, and then a "phone-bomber" just blew everyone up. This is really annoying. Same with the unlockable resupply caches after successfully capturing an objective. When resupplying suddenly an enemy shows up and kills you. These are somewhat unfair deaths. I don't want this game to be too easy on me, but I don't want to be killed just when I was being successfull capturing something. This

  1. takes a lot of time, because you just got another objective (5+ Mins)

  2. feels like you being punished for something you can not influence

I really feel there must be some invulnerability countdown or safe zones. At least I would really appreciate it.