Measured the tickrate of the game


Firstly, just some quick note:
I really love this game and I want it to be the best as possible, so I'm planning to give a lot of feedback in the future. But first, I was curious, what tickrate does the server use, so I downloaded Wireshark and tracked the net traffic. BE WARNED: that I'm not professional in this, I have never did anything like this before, so I might got false or bad results.

What I did is that set Wireshark to capture pockets, and after the game ended, I stopped it, and using IP filters in the I/O graph, I filtered out the sending, and receiving packets and saved the graph as pictures.

It has ~20 second of lobby in it, and I won the game, by killing everyone.

Firstly, the server sending rates:

It seems its around 32 tickrate.

The more interesting one is the User sending rates, and thats why I think I might screwed up something, because as the match progresses, it becomes lowe:


If anyone knows more about Wireshark, or knows anything that I might messed up, feel free to comment here, and I will correct it. I'm planning to do this test with every update.

Thanks for the attention,

Servers sending rate: ~32
User's sending rate first half: ~60-80
User's sending rate second half: ~36-52
These results might be false, as I'm not an expert at Wireshark

Client sending rate depends from your fps.

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I think it's correct, because my lag gets progressively worse, as the game goes on. I think it gets REALLY bad if I'm being spectated, but I don't know how to tell if anyone is watching me. The more spectators though, the more lag for me, always. I was playing just a few minutes ago and it was terrible. This should be priority NUMERO UNO DEVS. Start by looking for memory leaks.

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