Main menu is overloading GPU

I started the game with program for performance monitoring and noticed that my GPU was loaded at 99 to 100%. But then I joined a match and performance was not so bad. I looked at the diagram and GPU was loaded at 30 to 70%. So it was only menu somehow.

Main Menu is GPU bottlenecked while in-game levels are CPU bottlenecked for now.

@arc do you guys plan to make GPU more utilized. Currently only using 50%

@arc is it unavoidable or will be fixed in future?

99% in menu on 1070ti...

same here: full GPU load on GTX 1080 / 8 GB RAM 😞

I have a 1070 (not ti) and my fans don't even speed up in the menus. I regularly play with multiple open programs, as well as my browser with multiple tabs going.... Not sure why you all would be maxxing with just the game...

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