Latest update unplayable

Hey, the update that was put up yesterday to address some performance and optimization issues has completely destroyed my fps, and there have been other people posting about horrendous stuttering, and the game being, well.. unplayable.

Before the patch, my game ran completely fine, I ran with vsync enabled to mitigate hard fps spikes/drops, and had a stable 60 fps on medium settings. After the patch, the game is completely unplayable, with vsync on or off, I stutter every other second, explosions cause the game to drop to single digit fps, and shooting can sometimes crash my game. As well as this, at the same time, my RAM and pagefile usage peaks.

It appears there may be a memory leak, as my RAM usage slowly climbs to 8GB of usage in game, and at the same time my pagefile usage peaks, before instantly dropping to the normal 2GB of usage, which is at the point where I quit the game as it becomes an unplayable mess.

The top screenshot is of physical RAM usage, the bottom pagefile usage.

alt text
alt text

Same for me. The technical alpha and beta1 ran completely fine on my machine. Beta2 is completely unplayable for me. Every 2-3 seconds the game will freeze for 1-2 seconds. I tried adjusting graphics settings but nothing changed it even a bit. I was able to run the first two releases fine on very high settings. Not sure what's going on.