I was a Beta tester and now I continue to play this good game. It has lots of potential and it just has started to grow. However I need to write some feedback in this state.

  • Inventory management system is hard to control and its so slow. I saw new customization coming, but I need to write it. When we change weapon, the ammo normally stays inside the clip. However we can't have control over it. We can't take that ammo so its waste of ammo. There is another problem, we can't see the ammo type of a weapon, while we looking to weapon info window.

  • Using inventory key, we should see the weapon crates that other people dropped after death. Clicking is slowing us and by that time we can die. And there is a bigger problem with this, when a car stuck over the crate, we can't open it. Additionally, we could see the items that lie around, while using inv. key. That would faster the game and we couldn't miss the items.

  • Sometimes there is huge lag spikes. Especially when the weather changes or when we drive a car. So driving need little bit optimization.

  • Windows not letting us see outside while we inside of a house or vice versa. Its transperancy needs smoothing in order to see outside or inside clearly. This is really important.

  • (ASAP) we need a deathcam and we need a button that let us report players if there is really something wrong like cheat (same thing needs to be in spectate window). I can give you an example so you can understand that importance; pubg...

  • Its not important, but we can have little more customization about our character face, head etc.

I hope when you add new mutants in the game, you change the name "wolves" with something else 😃