Realistic Winch

IRL I've owned a couple of vehicles with winches - one (Land-Rover) had a winch on the front, the other (AEC Matador) had one mounted under the chassis, with the ability to feed it out of front, rear or either side.
In the game I can feed a winch out from many points on the truck - door pillars, trailers etc. which isn't very realistic. I don't mind being able to attach to anywhere, IRL you'd fix to anything solid but it would be nice to only have realistic "attachment points" on the source vehicle.
Of course, if the winch feature is supposed to simulate e.g. a hand cranked Tirfor my only complaint is that the motor sound should be replaced with grunting.

In real life you could also use snatch blocks to go from a tree back to other points on vehicle for righting a vehicle with only a front mounted winch. So given limitations of the game engine, it actually is quite realistic.

What we need is electric winches.

Exactly what I was thinking while reading the OP. 🙂
What platform are you running on? PC, or console?

@mexican_420 PS4

I did think about snatch blocks, which are also handy for winching around corners or just effectively doubling the pulling power, but thought simply limiting points rather than adding new functions would be easier to implement.

If I think too hard about it I'd like to be able to use winches from two vehicles and control them both....and how about ground anchors?

I'd rather have more content and working mirrors first.

@smithers-1968 i hear you fellas on the added feature for the winch and i agree it would be nice, but as it is now there is no real need for them. one winch does the job. i have seen some people say that they need more than one winch or winching points to use at one time, but i feel this is just a case of needing to learn how to use the winch better (as in using the correct winch points and/or knowing how you should be pulling on a vehicle). now if they were to try and implement these features i could see it being a bit of a headache with the coding possibly. still though something like this would be nice, but also something that would most likely be put off till a later date since it is not really a needed feature, but one the people just want.

@8up-local I wasn't asking for more winches. In single player I can link two vehicles together but only control the winch of the one I'm driving. IRL I'd also be able to use the winch of the other truck. I assume this works in multiplayer?

I actually started this thread asking for fewer winch options.

My original point aside I like the way winches work. You can't just use them to get out of any situation - sometimes the tree pulls out of the ground, often the winch simply isn't strong enough. Back when I used to mess about with Land-Rovers I soon learned how often having a winch doesn't help!

in the first post yes, but a was referring to articzap's post and your reply to it. i do still agree though. being able to winch "out" would be a nice addition as well as multiple winch points. as for the static "ground" anchors. this seems like it would be the easiest way to go, but i am no coder so what do i know? lol

pulling stumps and small trees out of the ground can be a headache when you really want to get unstuck, but i does add a bit to the game, so to me they kinda balance each other out. only time i have found the winch to not be strong enough is when i knock a tree or stump down and then drive over it. which usually leads to the tree or stump getting wedged under the truck and having it hold me there. once i back off them they sink and disappear. still would agree here as well, a slightly stronger winch would be nice.

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