Team Killing when it comes to Calling in Airstrikes

I think the there should be 2 different counts for team killing. 3 kill for small arms and 5 kill for when calling in Airstrikes.

I say this because there has been a few matches when I call in airstrikes and i REPEATEDLY (through both mic and text) tell my teammates that they are inbound and get inside/get out of area just overall Lookout, but yet there is always one or two guys who don't listen and get killed. I can't control other people and it will make the commanders position useless if your just going to get kicked for team killing when you did your best for warning them.

There has been 2 matches where I've gotten kicked by this. The second one we had 20~ seconds left on the last objective defense.

Quite frankly there shouldn't be team damage from friendly AS at all...bots walk through theirs all the time. I've been killed by friendly AS indoors...

They even added flares to make it painfully obvious where the danger is and people still go in and die.

Not commenting on the Air Strike problem rather the mic problem. I don't go into areas where the Air Strike is coming.

But I almost always turn off voice because of people abusing their mics. Screeching, screaming. Usually little kids.

So I don't have the mic on at all usually.

@thisguy710 No fucking way. 5 teamkill grace for commander? How about not being a bad commander who calls things on his own men, instead, use your tactical map and plan your firesupport into a proper spot that will help your team rather than kill them.

@doghead said in Team Killing when it comes to Calling in Airstrikes:

They even added flares to make it painfully obvious where the danger is and people still go in and die.


Also, keep in mind that TKs are forgiven over time so the kick after 3 TKs only happens if you almost intentionally slaughter your own teammates.

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Honestly it should simply not count against the commander. If the commander is doing strikes that are intentionally teamkilling, then the radio guy can avoid him, or players can votekick. I've seen so many cases where all of us will be yelling at a player to get off a cache or not enter a target area, but they just ignore us. They deserve to die.

Or just... Learn when and where to call fire support?

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