Great progress since the closed alpha. A few things to consider working on:

  • player animations need some work:
    -sprinting needs some attention
    -Moving while aiming(ADS) in the upright position looks bad
    -crawling/turning while prone
    -Gun shouldered high while crouched, optics do not match up with eye level
  • optimization, 20-35% cpu usage and 40-50% gpu usage (1080ti/8700k)
  • player hair/faces look strange when interacting with lighting (settings maxed)
  • edit: Credit amount for leveling up is very low, need to rework how you earn cosmetics/give more credits in general
  • edit 2: Shotgun fore grip/some rifle fore grips are not held correctly by player character in 3rd person
  • cannot flip magnifier with red dot/magnifier
  • edit 3: driver position is very strange, needs adjusting
  • terrorist kukri doesn't display as correct 3rd person model, instead displayed as security knife
  • missing animations when switching from primary weapon to grenade

As a whole this game has come a long way since the closed alpha and I look forward to the finished product.


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