Since there doesn't seem to be any dev activity on the Steam Forums for FTW I decided to post here.

Thanks for the two week trial key for FTW unfortunately there is not enough of a player base to make a match and therefore I'm unable to even try the game.

Sadly, Ive decided to post a negative review for just this very reason. What good is a key to a game that no one is playing. While I appreciate the effort and I do want to see the game succeed I can't recommend a game that seems dead a week after launch. I do hope you can salvage something of it. It would be nice to have a pubg alternative for those of us that arent interested in the more cartoonish BR games like Fortnite.

I might suggest you return to beta and grow your player base or refund those that bought it and now can't play. Perhaps lower the cost to $5 and then increase it as your game gets better and numbers grow.