1.5x PK-AS sight dot is not at the middle of the screen:


At first I thought you made all crosshairs different but after tested most of them this is the only one that's not exactly at the middle of the screen as seen in the picture above.

You should look at the Security Advisor L85A2 "special" scope called the "SUSAT" (only used on this gun). It's horrible misaligned. The tip of the reticle is where it's supposed to be zeroed to...but the bullets hit somewhere behind the big black triangle in the middle https://gyazo.com/23b0b8fd1828a40872216c825286bd9c

So basically if you aim for the head you'll almost always hit them square in the armor. It's so frustrating how many scopes are way off.

Use the 7x on the insurgent autosniper with a lasersight. You'll see that the lasersight is significantly lower than the center of the crosshair.

Same for the Sight of the Dshk on the technicals. Sometimes the crosshair shows anywhere

PK AS's sight have been misaligned on every "public" build of this game.