The right arm of the free world AKA the FAL.

Why do the security forces not have the FAL? Surely the staple rifle of NATO and a weapon used by the IDF should be a available to the security forces? By this I also mean for most classes too.

And most importantly: Where is the Extended Mag?

Because at this point it is very old and a surplus item. Ins could buy them up in bulk cheaply. Why no issue with the IMI Uzi another IDF staple? It too is old and replaced for the IDF, so I see them as solid Ins weapons.

@rifrafjonesy said in The right arm of the free world AKA the FAL.:

another IDF staple

Because the FAL was not just IDF but also NATO. Thats why. And if they are still using the G3 why not the FAL too?

Also because the insurgents get the SKS as a higher calibre single shot rifle on most of their classes too. Why not give the security forces the FAL in most classes. Since they are comparable guns but the Security forces are lacking a semi automatic rifle. (I would have no problem if it wasnt select fire...)

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Just like the security forces should have access to the AKM and its variants, Many contractors use the AK due to its sheer reliability and availability.

I mean hell, these arent the "american military forces" its the "security forces," with local forces as well, so naturally they should have at least some Variation of an AK there.

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And where is the Galil???