I'm not a game critic or anything so i'll try my best to make sense and use the right terms.
I know that summit should obviously be the best map since NWI has worked on it the most, i just want to point out what they got right and how other maps could improve.
This is all just my opinion so dont get triggered if i like or dislike the thing

The verticality of this map promotes CQC really well by making every road a type of cover, unlike other maps where you get shot from the end of a road, but cant see them because holo sights are thick and blurry asf (I get that there are 2x scopes and stuff but no one uses those (make them flippable)) and cause everything looks like milk and overbrightened on other maps.
The verticality and CQC nature of the map also promote clever grenade throws and overall just makes the map more action packed and fun.
Other maps seem to focus more on longer ranged combat, since most corners are too tight to peak properly and will result in you dying from a corner camper if you do. Grenades tend to help but i rarely see anyone using them on long ranges or anywhere at all.
Wider corners promote pushing sites and grenade strats, tighter corners promote corner camping and extremely slow combat

Colour Pallette
This is where I think other maps could improve on the most. Summit has the best visibility out of the current map pool, since nothing is overbrightened and the color palette (imo) is perfect for a game like Insurgency. There is consistent lighting and great contrast in every part of the map. This perfect colour palette only seems to exist in the shadow portions of the map. Sunny portions of this map and any other dusk or sunset map are way too yellow-orangish. Maybe a brighter yellow, redder orange, or even just keep the same colors and ambient light but lighten it slightly would work a lot better.
Hideout and Crossing are both way too yellow-orange in color have poor visibility in dark areas of the map.
Overall adding more color variety and deepness like reds, greens, and blues really could give a lot of the maps more taste and style.

Lighting and visibility
As mentioned above, the dark parts of this map have perfect visibility and lighting. Farmhouse is extremely overbrightened, making everything look like some flavor of yoghurt. Everything just blends into one mess of greys and whites. IMO Farmhouse should be way darker and have way deeper colours (preferably blues and greens) than it does now.
Summit also has very consistent lighting, which I think all other maps lack. The sun seems to be way to close on other maps, making some portions of the map mind-numbingly orange (but not bright) and some portions of the map look extremely bland. Inside buildings have way to much contrast, even if they have all the lights on. The walls look like they're made out of silly putty or any other extremely reflective material.
More consistent and darker lighting and contrast in all parts of the map would make it look a lot better

Sandstorm doesnt seem to have eye adjustment, which I feel could solve a lot of visibility issues in the game.

Misc stuff

  • More AA options
  • Eye adjustment
  • Specific post processing filters
  • Specific frame limiters
  • Contrast, Saturation, and Brightness sliders
  • Decreased time to kill

I know theres config options for some of these but it'd be a great help to just include all them in the settings.

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