Thank you!

Dear devs, this game is truely amazing. I love it so much, the scenery, weather effects, guns, this huge-ass-map, random encounters, THE ZONE, and western europe climate! This raw, dense, hounded climate. Oh, that's one I was waiting for. You can feel so much of a "stalker" in it. I played 2 stages of beta and bought it day 1, like immediately. Next day I bought another one, as a gift for my younger brother. He loves it too!
But something's wrong. It's like 7am, CET and I'm, along with someone else, only 2 players waiting for game to start. It hurts so much, whats going on? Please, please do something to bring more players, don't let this masterpiece die!

You are right, it is an amazing game. One problem is, the freebie kiddies, that got free beta access, didn't get the game for free and went on crybaby tirades, in the reviews, flinging fictitious poo all over the place, because the devs didn't just give them the game. Really, it's quite a pathetic situation and the kids that did it are just trash.

The game does need some quick optimizations pushed out, to help with hitching and lag. The game won't release my RAM for several minutes, after being closed down, so I'm guessing there are at least a few memory leaks. It's a completely safe assumption as it is very difficult, if not next to impossible to have an EA release game without a single memory leak, unless you have very experienced developers.

If the devs will listen, I know how they can get the game back on track. It's not dead yet. It was just released and still has planned release for console, which if they start PR now and do it right, those launches will be smashing successes. They are going to need to follow the PUBG model to do it. PUBG didn't just become a success because it's good. They used a PR method that was basically free to them and got them ALOT of coverage, viewers and interest. That's what has to be done here. About 200 partnered streamers, streaming 6-8hrs a day, on good servers, with good optimization and watch the people start to play.