Hello, I love the game, but there are no players. Me and my friend we play DUO and are forced to play against 3 player and 4 player squads. We have to wait 30 minutes between games, its horrible. We are on EU region.
We NEED more players. Please give this game away for free for the first 2 month or something, or give away 5000 2 week limited keys. We need players.
Even on Twitch, no one is watching because they see 20 minute lobby screens. Then they switch all the time between streamers to catch "someone" that actually has a game running.
this game will die if there ar eno players, its a Battle Royale, it needs a big player base.
Please do something NOW or within th enext week, this needs a boost or this game is dead.
Most reviews on Steam are BAD because of the long waiting times. This should be your first Priority right now, do some brainstorming.