Game causes PC to restart

Game runs great but about 15mins into the game my PC crashes. This is the only game that makes my PC crash so I don't think that theres anything wrong with my PC

What is your specs? Have you cleaned your PC out recently? If it's crashing mid-game, makes me think your CPU is over heating.

i7 -7800x 3.50GHz
32gb of ram DDr4
MSI 1080 8gb
1tb Samsung 970 evo
850w Thermaltake 80 Plus Gold

My PC is fairly new, i've only had it for around 8 months. It doesn't appear to be very dusty. This is the only game I've had problems with. Right after the game crashed I went and played Squad for 2 hours with no issues. Ill try and check the cpu temp while running the game.

Spontaneous PC reboots/shutdowns/BSODs are caused by unstable system/driver/hardware. Typically reboots are result of overheating, power shortage (damaged/insufficient PSU) or unstable OC.

In rare cases it can be very well caused by monitoring software if you gave it low level access (monitoring and controlling
voltage/current/power target).

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I'm not OC'ed and I watched my core temps when I crashed. They didn't go above 66 Celsius. The last thing I installed was the power supply. Do you think that I may have got a bad PSU?