Equipment / Exploration / Gameplay

Hello to all. I have some questions about gameplay and equipment.

  • I assume that important aspect of gameplay will be to keep balance between your different forms. As Crinos you will be very powerfull but you wont be able to stay in that form for long. So you will also need to fight as basic and weak Homid using standard human weapons, armor, items etc. Am I right?
  • Still because of Garou features I assume there wont be really much loot in the game. (I have no problems with this approach. I prefer unique RPGs with unique worlds, not generic loot-heavy games).
  • Will there be stealth gameplay too? It also seems natural for me.. as you will need to pass security to get somewhere etc.
  • Do you plan some light puzzles or non-combat actions/skills for some challenges in spirit world? For example something like enviromental puzzles in recent Hellblade (looking for signs). I think it makes perfect sense for spirit world and it could be nice addition. And if there really wont be much loot you will be encouraged to explore environment because of these puzzles. It would also bring more variety into gameplay.

I'm hoping it sticks to the proper lore it's claiming to go by, notably W20, in which Crinos can be stayed in as long as you please with the obvious risks of lifting the veil and causing problems.

I'm personally hoping it's skyrim-esque in that there's certain kinds of gear you get and want to keep (Glaives, for example), and can upgrade or swap out now and then, while still being RPG-esque.

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