General feedback

Hey guys,
at first I'd like to thank you for this amazing gaming experience, I'm long time fan, I played first Insurgency for many many hours with all my firends, even with my wife and we love it! Continuing with this title is amazing for us gamers who like realistic shooters with significant coop accent.
Now, I got a few notes I'd like to point out for you, since you are really listening to the community:

  1. I really like the sound effects you did there in Sandstorm, the game sounds extremely good, but... I noticed that when I'm inside of some sort of a building and jump outside the white noise or the ambient sound doesnt really merge that good, it just doesnt sound so smooth. Also when I'm watching in spectator mode another player from time to time I can't hear the sounds of shooting from his gun.

  2. Also in spectator mode watching another player as he moves doesn't go really well, the player from my point of view is moving very laggy.

  3. I really like the graphic change, it's visible that you used much nicer engine, I really do enjoy the ragdoll physics and finally dismembered limbs and all the blood, it looks just stunning (sound ridiculous right? 😃 ), but it seems like it's not fullscreen experience, the corners and sharp objects looks like I'm playing very old game or at least on very small resolution, even though I'm playing on higest settings.
    My PC specs are Msi Z710A, 16GB RAM 3000MHz, i7 6700K, GTX 1070 gaming 8G..., so the computer is really not an issue.

  4. I've exeprienced lot of wall shooting, but still I'm not sure if the walls are penetrable, are they?

  5. Since I own a few guns and Glock is one of them I noticed there are no tritium sights or at least the original Glock sight has white spots on them, in game the sights are blank, why?

  6. Last thing is walking in water, it doesn't produce any sound at all, and the walking in it fells like I'm not walking in water at all, it's just like a cosmetic texture there and that's it.

Alright guys, that's a few of my notes I noticed during gameplay. Can't wait for full version, the game is truly amazing experience and frankly if not the best, it is one of the bests I've ever played. Thanks a lot for that!

Since I have ~2700 hours in insurgency (source) in addition to wallbanging in sandstorm I (and anybody else that's played sandstorm) can confirm that yes, insurgency has walls/surfaces that you can shoot other players through.

So if you're being shot and behind say .... a piece of plywood? You're not going to have a good time. Other higher powered weapons like the PKM seem to be able to penetrate thicker walls and materials, granted they're the exception and not the rule.