Voiceover needs some more work

It needs to be reevaluated by the hired game testers (Unless that's us) because some lines tend to be too long and forced in some situations (ie. female characters taking fire, running into smoke, etc.).

Voiceover from Insurgency seem to carry more weight whether they are taking fire or even then situations become more relaxed. Some examples include "RPG RPG!", repeated "no"s when suppressed, casually saying "reloading" during relaxing situations while having intense phrases when reloading during firefights. DOI voices when running into smoke felt more real, coughing and grunting for a few seconds.

That said, I find voiceover in I:S to be good in other parts. Some examples are calling for the observer/commander, telling whether it's MG or sniper when taking fire, saying religious phrases from time to time.

My suggestion is try to take the best of both games as references for I:S voiceover reevaluation. Make voices in specific actions such as reloading and calling fire support in different occasions (ie. relaxed, tensed). Or just about anything that gives weight and in-depth characterisation to the voices.

Overall, it's the little things like voiceover that gives depth to the game and to the character models we choose. Yes, it feels like I'm nitpicking; but this is just my opinion. The decision is up to NWI, of course. And most voiceover in I:S is good, just that some needs to be reevaluated. Feel free to give your comments. I'll give more updates in this thread in the future.

Right now for me it is impossible to tell the voices of the different teams apart and that was an immersive mechanic in the old game. I would prefer an option to override this to only use a more distinct voice subset per faction. I've played hundreds of hours of the old game before I even knew all voices where done by just one guy. I wouldn't mind less variety for better ingame usability of using voices to hear where enemies might be.

@GrotesqueShadow I agree. Yes, we need more distinct voices for the male Kurdish Security faction and the Insurgent faction. They're both essentially the same. Even changing to Operative voice as Insurgent makes little difference when you're in firefights.

My suggestion is to get Insurgents new voices. Different Middle Eastern accents, indicating they are of different origin. Make their voice clear as opposed to the Kurds' raspy vocals. Even so, it's up to NWI to change them or not.

I'd like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

After a few more hours into the game, I find the following voices a bit annoying:

  1. Female Security dying. (Too long and too loud)
  2. Male American Security coughing and yelling. (Too long and too loud)
  3. Security being friendly fired. (Sounds too casual for a military outfit)
  4. All characters shouting upon death by headshot.

Improvements can be made respective to the problems:

  1. Have Female Security coughing and gasping for air as her life slips away. A brief loud grunt is also acceptable.
  2. Brief coughs and subtle curses as heard in DOI.
  3. Simple variations of "Friendly fire!" or "What the fuck are you doing?!" might do it.
  4. No other sound than the sweet sound of bullets passing through their skulls.

I'll update this when I have the time. I'd love to hear your suggestions.