Unrealistic G36K fire modes and reload (G3 and G36K)

There are a few things that are not correct with the G36K.

  1. The fire modes are false, the only fire modes are secured, semi and full auto. It has no burst mode. I have shot with many different G36 and G36K from A0 to A4 version in the german army and none of them had a burst mode. Even on the Heckler and Koch website are the only fire modes in technical datas secured, semi and full auto. No burst mode. Link here: https://www.heckler-koch.com/de/produkte/militaer/sturmgewehre/g36/g36k/technische-daten.html

  2. The fast reload with G36K is totally ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. Ingame fast reload: taking a new magazine and then changing is a very slow reload. You have first to take your hand off the weopon, grab a new mag then change it and then there is this weird animation of taking the slide catch lever with the left hand. If there is a longer slide catch lever in the G36 (it is an optional feature) you will always take your right hand to push it, never the left one thats way too slow. The fast reloud is very unrealistic and way too slow.
    Fast reload with G36 in real life goes by throwing the magazine away, taking a new one ramming it into the weapon and moving the back locked slide a little bit back so it will close itself or if it has a slide catch lever you push it with the right hand. That should just take a few seconds, it is trained very often in the german army.

The G3 reload animation is false too. When the magazine is shot empty, the slide has to stay back, so when you reloud you only have to push it down a little and it will close automatically. That would be a much faster and realistic reload. I have shot with a few G3 in the army and the slide always stayed back when shot empty, so it does with every other rifle i know too.

I hope this will be fixed. It is just cosmetics, but as german army officer it is really annoying for me to have an unrealistic G36K, i have been so happy to see it ingame.

OK you are right about fire modes. But it's not really clear what do you consider wrong about reload. Is it just different from what you was taught?

As for G3... You don't really need to hold bolt open you can charge it after you changed mag (like AK) it just works both ways.

Well, I did more research and now I'm also confused with G36 reload. If this gun has bolt release why is it ignored in "slow" reload? Just to make it "slow"? It doesn't make any sense.

As for G3... again. It's reload animation features bolt hold open and "HK slap" in both versions. It sure is correct anyway. So now I'm more confused.

Erm....ok I'm confused too now.


Ok I just checked the video compilation of all the reloads and now I'm even more confused.

Youtube Video – [10:38..]

The empty bolt-release animation does show the character resting their left hand on the magazine well...but it's unclear which fingers they're using to actuate the bolt release. It could just as easily be the right or left hand...the shift in grip from what I can see is simply to check the chamber visually before closing the bolt. Generally a good idea.

Otherwise...I'm not sure what you're criticizing.

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H&K has a long-documented hatred for bolt lease catches of any kind. Engineers have gone on record saying they don't think they improve a firearms ergonomics (except, I guess, on pistols). They only included one on the UMP because the FBI made them as part of the contract.

The stock G-36 has no bolt release button / lever. There is a button on the top front of the trigger guard, which is held upward with the trigger finger while pulling the bolt rearward with the charging handle to lock the bolt back. There is an aftermarket part, which is what I assume @Tiger is talking about, which makes this button into more of a "L" shape that protrudes down into the trigger guard. This allows the trigger finger to pull down on the bolt catch as well as push up on it, and release the bolt that way. It's a bit like a MagPull BAD Lever for the AR-15 series of rifles, only worse because it doesn't have a mechanical advantage on the bolt catch like the BAD Lever does. You need to exert a decent amount of downward force, with your trigger finger, inside the trigger guard. Yikes. I'm not really sure what's going on with the G-36 fast reload animation, but it looks like the idea is that you have an extended bolt catch mod installed, and choose not to use it during a normal reload.

@tiger by the way, herr Offizier, sir, is it a right way to aim HK sights? I always thought that you need to align V-notch with front post, not with hood.

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