Red Rivers Bug PS4 - Body Investigation Dialogue

PS4. Can’t exit the body investigation dialogue on the woman on the tree. Have had this bug since a few days after the games release and have seen all the other people complaining about it on the internet. I do not want to start again and I’m soooo frustrated that it’s been 3 whole months and there’s still no fix.

I fixed it I’ll tell you how’s i did it hope it helps you. So I ran into the same problem on the investigation I was stuck as well on the dialogue. I was on version 1.06 so I deleted the game turned the internet off. Redownloaded it and it came up as version 1.00. It did not delete my saved game so i was back at the tree again. When I did the dialogue a back button showed up on the bottom. That’s how it worked for me ,but I had to go back to the 1.00 version.

Hi, I'm also experiencing this issue. I've opted to create a new post on it.

Will creating a new save and starting again make a difference?

Hi all,

Can you all confirm that platform that you're working on, and if you're playing on the most recent patch, please?

Ps4 with the latest update installed

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