Running out o video memory!

Playing on max settings makes my vram usage skyrocket until it crashes!
I Have the following rig:

  • GTX 1070 Asus Dual OC,
  • I5-8600k @4.8ghz
  • 16gb ddr4 @3200mhz
    -Game is installed on 240gb SSD

FPS isnt an issue, although game still needs optimization since for some reason the fps dips down to 60fps for no reason, but for almost its always between 80-130 (i've capped there, using 120hz on my monitor for now)

Problem happens if i play with all settings on Max, the vram just started increasing and it wont stop until the game crashes!
If play on medium settings i dont have such problem!

All drivers and windows are up to date!
Using windows pro at latest version!

Setting my Texture Quality to Very High, I will see about 7GB VRAM being used on my 1080, depending on map. The game itself will take up about 4GB RAM for its process, and if I have Chrome and stuff open, I’ll only have a GB or two free on my 32GB system.

Since our cards are almost the same I wonder if you’d benefit from more RAM, although I expect as time goes on and optimization improves you should be able to keep those settings and get better frames/stability.

Also, so you run any mods like SweetFX or anything like that? Any third party overlays?

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