Intro volume too high

When I launch the game, my speakers wreck my ears into small pieces every time. Can you add that to the settings or something, to maybe reduce the volume a little bit?

Insurgency Sandstorm Community Moderator

You can go into the Audio settings & adjust the master volume / music volume. You could also adjust the amount of volume coming out of the game itself through Windows by opening volume mixer. However, I'd just adjust the volume in-game.

@captain-price So it's the music setting that effects the intro-logo videos? I agree with this guy it's very loud, and I've already got the game volume at 85%.

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Insurgency Sandstorm Community Moderator

@AMURKA I'm not sure whether or not it's the music or master volume. It honestly doesn't bother me, so I haven't had to look into which one it is.The audio settings there may not even affect the intro, but that'd be my first guess.

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