Salvation through Modding?

So on the old forum, two very gifted individuals, Imperator5 and PistonMiner brought us a mod containing lots of changes and addition to the game, which I for one really enjoyed.
Then I realized, if the community received a packaged mod tool, getting everybody involved, maybe we can, say, bring the game back to life?

This. A thousand times this. I'm still playing XCOM2, and will still be giving them money when their new expansion is released.

Focus, you could be reaping that same longevity from your games, while also inspiring us to continue buying your products in the future. I don't even like Bethesda's games any more, but they still get purchases from me, because I want the modding scene they provide.

I second that about XCOM.
Instead of creating a new game, they've modded the shit out of XCOM2 taking it to unbelievable levels :D Really well done on the devs part, and still a huge success (that keeps printing) for them.
Civ V took a year or two of gradual additions and modding before it became really successful,and nothing would excite me more to see the same happening to Battlefleet Gothic :3
Sadly they just dont have the staff or time to do it atm :/ We can still hope though ^_^
(Also, anyone know of any good modding guides? How straightforward is it? Ive seen players create entirely new ships and weapons via modding).

Just look at what some players have been able to do so far:

alt text

alt text

alt text

Still being updated and worked on, good on these guys!

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From what he said in the old forums, it's impossible to actually "add" to the game via modding, you can only make changes to things (So making the same "shell" of a ship with different weapons), or allow the player to use stuff that's already there (Such as letting the player pick the Space Hulk as one of their ships).

pretty sure the LC's launch bays for imperials is a new thing
but i do know its really hard to do

@Ashardalon You'd have to ask Piston Miner.

All I remember on the old threads is people asked if he could add x/y/z, and his response was always "I can only work with the assets that are in the game currently".

true, but there are no LC launch bays for imperials so he has to be able to somehow force some things in... maybe
but again, its really really hard to do

@Ashardalon they can be seen in one of the cutscenes, and these assets are in the game, but unused.

ah, sad but understandable

I'm surprised anyone still uses this mod...
I work on balancing for the mod, and I can confirm that its impossible to make or add new things into this game. all we can do is adjust numbers, effects and existing assets.

The Vanquisher battleship, for example, is just a battleship-type chassis that we gave lances and macro cannons. Then, because we wanted it to be equipped with missiles as it was in the lore books, we overlayed the projectile from the chaos missile launchers over the macro cannons and changed the colour of the effect to yellow to look more imperial.

But it very hard to do even that given the nature of the way it is coded into the game... virtually impossible to do it for most other factions, although we did find a way to equip battle barges and strike cruisers with nova cannons, but its unstable and tends to crash the game.
We'd like to be able to update the mod more, but its nothing but dead ends without proper tools and more assets...

@Ashardalon The Enforcer CL uses a model that was in the game files but previously only used in a cut-scene, we just took that ship and made it playable.

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@CALiGeR_Reborn Damn, that's why we haven't heard anything regarding that mod for months.
But still, thank you very much for the effort.

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