Throwing grenades....

I hate having to stand still to throw a grenade. They also take a LITTLE too long to pull and throw imo. Having to stand still whilst throwing them and taking fire is stupid. Please fix this to allow movement.

I do agree with you there, the time to throw should be decreased a little.

The grenade physics are very out of alignment with reality. I'd like to add my grenade complaints.

I should be able to run fast with a grenade and pull the pin. This is 100% completely how real life works. Nobody in any war with a grenade ever said "Oh I want to pull this pin? I guess I better start walking." It's completely ridiculous.

I should be able to throw a grenade when standing next to a wall without committing suicide. Again, this is completely 100% how real life works. Nobody taking cover behind a wall, throws a grenade INTO THE WALL. Again: completely ridiculous.

The closeness problem also affects firearms. I've often stood so close to a "bad guy" that the firearm "folds" because I'm near an object which prevents me from opening fire. It's completely insane.


@bryanlharris The wall thing gets worse the longer your weapon is. Use an MP7 and you can practically touch a wall without it "folding" use an AK with a Silencer and it's going to fold a hell of a lot sooner.

Yeah I've had window frames invisibly block thrown and launched explosives, causing me to blow myself up.

In the case of the RPG, I was aimed down the sights at a target and the rocket still clipped somehow and blew me up.

What should happen is that the player should hold up their off hand with fingers horizontal and thumb sticking up, and use that as the sight.

It's what we do when throwing them in real life, and is better than just guessing with bad results.