Overall the gameplay feels better than in previous Insurgency. Maps are better for tactical gameplay but they could still be smaller at least for 5v5 gameplay that I haven't been able to try out yet because people don't play it. I'm sure there is going to be many different maps but these current ones feel and look very similar so it would be boring to play only these for a long time. More variety to maps: colors/themes and layouts. I would like to see some smaller and tighter city map which would offer more tactical options. Also some variety to that light brown dust color, more green in some map for example. Playing these same looking maps will be a bit depressing in the long run.

You could add different weather options, rainy, snowy and foggy for example.

Something in the hitreg doesn't feel good, every now and then my bullets don't count as a hit. This needs to be improved.

Wallbanging feels good.

I haven't seen a good reason to use a car yet.

Firefight game mode could be good but at the moment many people don't know what to do (and that will happen in the future too) which makes playing sometimes a little bit frustrating. Its easy to get those 3 point if other team is weaker. And maybe those capture bases could stand out from the map a little bit more in some cases, make them look like a base. Push game mode is better at the moment but maps could still be better for it, in some places it is too open especially with this anti-aliasing setting that blurs things.

Would be cool to be able to walk a bit faster while leaning, it's a bit too slow still. And I would like to be able to cook grenades or someway to have an option to explode them faster.

When I'm selecting accessories for my gun the menu could be more interactive, now it looks a bit boring. Maybe add more images and somehow highlight the amount of points left. Would be cool be able to save some gun preferences because of the variety of accessories. All in all menus don't have any creativity, they were just the same in Day of Infamy.

Stats are good and of course I want to see also some ranking system and know my placement compared to others when competitive matchmaking really gets going. I hope that you also will deliver with it because it could boost this game to whole other level than previous Insurgency. Really invest your time in it.

Just some of my thoughts, thanks.