Arranged Match


I was watching some matches in the Champion Ladder and just found a match where one coach passed the ball to the other on purpose in turn one. He even rerolled the failed pass. A bretonian blitzer passing the ball to an orc Blitzer.

The orc team gets the ball and runs to score with one only player without protection. Brets finish their second turn doing nothing (moving no piece) and orcs go to score with the carrier but fails the gfi. Brets finish another turn. Orcs score. And then orcs allow Brets to score. Viceversa 2-1 for the orcs.

They then skip turns until the end of the match.

I just watch the match as I write this. Brets are team “Light Vanilla” coach “uncanny”. Orcs are team “Saiko XI” coach “Quiet_Samurai”.

Is this allowed in this league to arrange matches like this?

I am checking their teams info. They did this 4 times from 2018/01/07 00:39 to 2018/01/07 01:36

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

No, it's not allowed. And no team which does this will qualify.

And they did it again with another team they have. They seem to be getting nowhere with that... but its a shame to witness.

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