Second Update is out!

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Hi everyone,

We’d like to thank you for all your feedback over Fear The Wolves’ first week in Early Access. We’re listening, and our team continues to work hard on bugfixes, optimization and gameplay balance.

Today, we have some sizeable patch notes to share with you! This update focuses on getting players into games faster with smaller scale scenarios with faster pace during low population hours, a reworking of the parachute system for more options of where to drop, as well as balance changes to weapons, items and loot tables and three more languages (Simplified Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian). More languages will arrive soon!

To change your language, you have to right click on the game in your Steam library, then go to Properties > Languages and pick your language.


Thanks again for your continued support! Read the full notes below.

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Second Update Patchlog - 4th of September 2018

  1. Changed vertical and horizontal speed for Gliding and Parachuting during deployment to make possible to get further
  2. Added possibility to start match with reduced map to 4x4 and 3x3. These scenarios will be turned on when there will be not enough players in matchmaking queue.
  3. Three new languages are available: Simplified Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian.
  4. Weapons and items rebalance

Damage Modifier rebalance changes:

  • Head 1.75->2
  • Legs 0.75->0.8

Weapons and equipment re-balance:

Firearm Protection changes:

  • Biker Helmet 0.1->0.15

  • Medium Helmet 0.2->0.25

  • Hazmat MK1 0.05->0.1

  • Light Armor 0.15->0.2

Weapon re-balance:

  • RPM changes:

    • APS RPM 725->750
    • Beretta 93R RPM 1100->1000
    • CZ75b RPM 350->400
    • Fort17 RPM 400->450
    • Remington870 RPM 100->200
    • TOZ34 RPM 100->400
    • Vepr12 RPM 100->400
  • DAMAGE changes:

    • A545 29->34
    • AK74n 29->34
    • APS 19->20
    • Beretta93R 20->19
    • CZ75b 24->25
    • Fort17 23->25
    • Vector 23->25
    • M4 27->30
    • Groza 30->37
    • Remington870 115->125
    • RPD 24->35
    • SVU-AS 44->50
    • UMP45 23->29
    • UZI 24->25
    • Vepr12 100->125
    • VHS2 27->34
    • Vintorez 32->37
  • Damage reducing over distance tweaks for all weapons.

    • ARs, SMGs and SRs now start losing damage earlier.
    • Pistols minimum damage distance was slightly increased. (Now pistols a bit more efficient over distance)
    • Shotguns maximum damage distance increased, Minimum damage distance reduced.
  • Significantly reduced ADS spread for all weapons.

  • Significantly reduced HIP spread for Shotguns.

  • Slightly increased HIP spread for pistols.

  • Slightly reduced HIP spread for all other weapons.

  1. Loot spawn re-balance:

Chances to find more valuable loot was increased for all zones.
Detailed loot change log:

  • Small Villages (small grey circles on map):

    • Spawn chances increased for Remington870, TOZ34, AEK919 and UZI
  • Medium Villages (medium grey circles):

    • Spawn chances increased for Vepr12, Vector, UMP45, Hazmat Armor MK2, Medium Armor, Medium Helmet, Medium Pants and Oxygen Tank MK2.
  • Medium City (medium grey angled shapes):

    • Spawn chances increased for AK74 and M4A1
  • Large City (big grey angled shapes):

    • Spawn chances increased for VHS, A545, Military Respirator, Oxygen Tank MK3, Heavy Pants, Heavy Helmet, Heavy Armor and Hazmat Armor MK3
  • Military Zones (orange angled shapes):

    • AR Groza now could be found in Orange Zones instead of Air Drops
  • Air Drop:

    • Vintorez with PSO1 Scope now could be found in Air Drops and couldn`t be found nowhere else
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Great update guys, keep at it!

I think most here will agree. Please hold out making any further additions and work on finding memory leaks, address net code, hitching and lag in general. Once you get it ironed out and running more smoothly, then start adding more.

Other than that, great work and nice patch. Keep it up!

@kwpops said in Second Update is out!:

I think most here will agree. Please hold out making any further additions and work on finding memory leaks, address net code, hitching and lag in general. Once you get it ironed out and running more smoothly, then start adding more.

Other than that, great work and nice patch. Keep it up!

I disagree, they need to continue to find out weaknesses and strengths of the weapons and work on that. Loot and weapons make up the VAST majority of the game and they need to be solid. I wouldn't mind a game with some leaks or some weird texture problems if the solid core of the game is iron clad. So far they are doing a good job and it feels right going into a village and finding shotguns and pistols and then going into a military base to find AR's or military grade gear.

The gun variety is nice, they just need to perfect it and get the damage and loot weight down. Memory leaks and optimizing comes with time and combing of the code/textures.

@kwpops I think there are different devs that balancing stuff and fixing memory leaks and other bugs.

the game is great very realistic and full of thrill just fix the lag issue before this update i was getting 140ms in ASIA server now i get 400ms and in EU server i get 320 while in other games i get 200ms in EU it has become unplayable for me please work on the servers so we middle easterns and asian can play this game this game has a lot of potential u guys just need to improve the servers

Parish, how the guns perform is secondary to how the game performs. The guns, no matter how balanced, or unbalanced, are irrelevant if the game lags to hell. You don't work on petty shit when you have some pretty serious performance issues and need those worked out, so people will play. It's called prioritizing.

In reality, what you want, is for them to work backwards and that just doesn't work. You don't do the fine tuning before you get the core mechanics tuned right.

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@netheos Hello, now I have a suggestion to mention, that is to hope that the game can be added to the melee sprint function, is similar to the "Battlefield 1" in the bayonet sprint, because the game has fewer guns, I hope to be able to add this function, so that some players who did not grab weapons have the ability to counter, not only that, so on. It can also greatly increase the fun of the game. If you can join this function, I really appreciate it.