[BUG report]Floating M16A4 parts

this just happened right after I shot my teammate... can't remember if I tried to switch weapon or any other action.


holy fuck that's a detailed bolt carrier group for a video game wth. your also missing the charging handle. this type of glitch is normal happened even in insurgency2

@zucchini In insurgency 2, this is usually the case when a custom weapon becomes outdated and the parts aren't matching correct "bones" in the animation. I'm not sure if this is the reason for the current situation, though...

ok... this just happened again after I emptied my magazine:
1_1536122682886_20180905004335_1.jpg !

And somehow I also got this:
0_1536122682886_20180905000053_1.jpg !

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Normally this happens with scavenging guns or interrupting your weapon switch animation but your scenarios look way more random.

Just had this happen as my mag emptied as well. Coincided with me desyncing and eventually disconnecting from the server.