Challenge for devs / publishers: Bring Blood Bowl to Nintendo Switch & Hololens

I would really like to see blood bowl come to Nintendo Switch in 2019, and one day eventually, it would be awesome to see some kind of AR version using Windows 10 & HoloLens. Here are my thoughts on each.

Microsoft Windows 10 / HoloLens

  • Game Modes: Windows 10 UWP (Xbox, PC, HoloLens) For HoloLens, it would include an option to play with a holographic board / pieces, no box set required. It should include online & local MP exhibition & seasons, single player exhibition & seasons. Customization options for uniforms, teams, etc. Also if you have the box set and play wearing the HoloLens, the holographic edition would complement the box set, providing animations, sound effects, and gameplay previews, score keeping, etc.
  • Limitations: HoloLens and other A/R platforms do not have a massive user base yet, and the adoption rate is slow.

Nintendo Switch

  • The Nintendo Switch is a relatively new platform, however it is growing fast, they are selling at a greater rate than PS4/XBONE and will remain highly sought after well into 2018 due to a good launch schedule.
  • Nintendo has supported cross play between PC / Microsoft.
  • Game Modes: Single player, local & online MP, tabletop mode.
  • Limitations: Small screen may be a challenge for tabletop mode.

I would like to hear others thoughts on this subject. If I had to pick one of the other, I think the HoloLens development would be the better option. As you would have 3 products covered under 1 set of code.

They already said they had no plan for the switch. Has people winge about the lack of cross platform bridges , i doubt they go that rabbit hole again.

Also traditionally Nintendo perfers games that are geared and rated at all ages. Not alot of mature content on Nintendo. I live the idea though but have my doubts about it ever happening.


Coach Tizzle Bizzell
Xbox1 Cabalvision League Commissioner

@Tizzle-Bizzell But what if we could convince GW to make a Mario Star Player?

There has to be a Switch version of BB2: LE. God wills it! :D It would be too perfect. But you could also consider 4K upgrade for XBox One X.

@JohnnyFeyev I wonder if Nintendo would allow us to punch, foul, injure, and ultimately kill Mario.

There was a Nintendo DS version of Blood Bowl 1. An awkward, buggy, limited version, with even worse AI than the PC game (well... differently worse, anyway). But it did give me a Blood Bowl fix on the move and I have fond memories of it.

At least the Switch has enough spec to handle a port.

@mrinku I had to order PSP Blood Bowl from France as no retailers around me in the states were selling it. Waited about 6 months while they shipped it via barge - apparently - and when I got it, it didn't work. After contacting Focus and Cyanide, it turns out they had to send me a brand new one because the software was beyond repair. Another 4 months later, I got my new copy, and anything besides block or dodge would brick the PSP, a surf would brick the PSP, a pitch clear would brick the PSP... but at least goblins was one of the 8 teams it came with.

@Naissun "Itsa me... ohhh godda damnit. Boota to-a groin!"

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