Just some impressions

Hi there!
Gameplay impressions...

Sprinting / movements... tooooo fast. Maps maybe a little bit too big.

Air strike / voice / radio / smoke spamming.

Couldn't really deep testing pvp because of graphical stuttering problems and frequent crashes.

Bots are dumb like bread and show inconsistent abilities. And please remove this suicider.

Do we really need the tenth of a second digits at the objective timers?

Just a question... Why not implementing the good old INS:source balance and then improving / adapting this to the new game world?

Hoped to get some improved / polished / modernized INS but I fear it's going into direction of BF and CoD. What a pity. Probably not my game then.


Starting the programm. After NWI logo it falls into the taskbar (not crashing!). When waking it up again by a mouse click everything goes on the normal way. However, during the time in the taskbar one of the GPUs is heating up dramatically -> 15ยฐC in a few seconds! Worries me.
Never seen this before with other games.

Fps drops and stuttering is unbearable. The frame time graph looks like a wild forrest. Especially in close combat situations (or nearby explosions) the drop is significant and usually costs me the digital life. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's independant from ingame quality settings, low, medium high... it doesen't matter. It's also intependant from using single or dual gpu. Only if you don't move everything is fine with fps and frame time... but that's not the target of the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

It doesen't make sense to me to test further as long as this major problem isn't solved. I simply dont't know if some of the other effects I observe are more or less related to this problem (hit reg or ttk).

Btw... Throwing an incidiary grenade over a long distance... fire is not visualized even if you come close then but you can hear it and it makes damage.

And... crashes... crashes... crashes... on all maps. Quite often when it comes to close combat (inside or outside of buildings) or finishing an objective. Someone has received a ton of crash reports from my machine... ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just my 2 cents...

Windows 10 pro (up to date of this posting)
Intel 5820k
Asus x99
32 Gbyte RAM
Asus Strix GTX 980, 2 -way- SLI
Samsung EVO SSDs

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We have the exact same rig, except Iโ€™m not running Sli, 16gb ram and I get 100+ Fps.
it does dip below 100 but I donโ€™t get stuttering.
Game has never crashed for me.

i7 5820k
Asus x-99a
Asus Strix 980 gtx
16gb ddr4 2133mhz
Samsung evo Ssd (running OS and game)

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