We want the one hit kills.

I can´t agree more dude!!! "one shot, one kill" that´s the escence of insurgency! That´s what made you think twice before rushing into a room or cross running an area without cover...without that...this is something else, but definetly not insurgency.

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New update might fix TTK, let's go!

I am happy with this update.

The game play feels little more intense and little more lethal.

It seems like developers are actually reading this forum.

We are going in the right direction.

We just have to go farther in this direction.

Developers started to remember what made Insurgency 2014 great.

Let's Make Insurgency Great Again.

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Hit reg is better but still poor at long range.

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@jensiii Just because you thought your argument was good and a few people agreed with you does not make it a proven, undeniable fact. It's still just an opinion.

Could you point out what you are exactly referring to? I have more than one argument in this thread.

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The discussion on page 4 proves that when TTK is too low, it simplifies the game by removing skills from the skill set required to master the game. So this means that less skills required to master the game = lowers the skill ceiling of the game. And now I want to point out that this specific thing is not a matter of agreeing or not, as it has been proven in this discussion and by denying it, you are just denying facts.

Source was never entirely 1 hit kills because of difference damage models to arms and legs and the vertical recoil made it harder to spray people down.

I'm fine with the TTK, for now, but I want to see movement speed/movement direction change nerfed as well as tagging come into play. I also want to see suppression sway go away, vertical recoil increased, and horizontal recoil reworked.

Developers are responsive.

The game is being developed in the right direction.

Bolt-Action = There is one second delay between each shot.

You fire a shot - - > Wait for the delay - - > You fire another shot

It takes more than 2 seconds to kill a person.

Bolt-Action needs to be one shot kill.

Full-Auto needs more recoil.

You just press down left mouse button - - > You fire 3 bullets continuously - - > All 3 bullets hit the target accurately

It takes less than 0.5 seconds to kill a person.

Full-Auto is too powerful because the accuracy is too high and recoil is too low.

Full-Auto needs more kickbacks and more horizontal recoil.

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@cyoce Thank you for pointing out what you meant. I hope you have read my post on page 4 and if not, would take the time to read it.

I back my argument with logic and reasoning as proof for the argument. While it's not certainly a scientific study of any kind, there are valid points and no one has unproven it so far with logic and reasoning. Only blindly denied by ignoring the the points I make there. Anyone can blindly deny anything ie. "I don't think the earth is round"

I don't know why people won't counter my argument if they think that it's not true. If it's not true and not a fact, then it should be very easy to debunk. I'm still waiting for it.

If you think my argument is not valid and doesn't hold up in reality, I would be glad to hear you debunk it. I want to be wrong, because I can then learn something new I didn't know before.

Movement acceleration (especially with more weight) and recoil (especially in crouch) are in need of changing.

I agree that there needs to be some loss of speed when zig-zagging and stopping power (slow your speed) when shot if there isn't, I haven't tested it or really focus on it when I'm shooting. I think movement is more of the problem than TTK right now.

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Yes. This is just the nerve of what Insurgency 2014 did for me. I experience too much lag in Sandstorm at the moment to have an educated opinion on the current state of the game regarding the more nuanced aspects of pvp, but I really enjoyed the previous game for the same reasons as Derpydays mention.

Low TTK also have some other appealing aspects that I enjoyed in Insurgency 2014:

  1. If you join a pick up game (pug) with other random players without organizing anything up front, chances are high there will be a range of experience on both teams from the casual players to the most dedicated ones. With a low TTK even new players pose a serious threat if they camp/lock down key choke points and make it fun to play against less experienced players as you can always be outgunned even with twitch skills way above theirs. Mostly talking about large servers now, as the 5vs5 firefight against new players is boring for both parties, but the 16vs16 skirmish/push/firefight were never dull. - again you have to think through your choices, stay focused and can't rely solely on aim skills, reflexes etc.
    2 - With low TTK you can in some cases move around solo and take out a bunch of enemies if you outplay them, because the threat of their combined health pool never makes situations entirely impossible ( exa: holding a point solo against 5 incoming enemies often result in dying, but you can also win it - with higher TTK multiple enemies can swarm you more easily and its tougher to change the odds as you can not kill several players in as fast a succession.
    3 - Hackers use tools that makes it hard to compete in reflex skill with them. With low TTK they can not win solely by being the best shooter as they would need more tactical skills such as positioning, map knowledge, flanking, good grenade placement, teamwork etc as well to win game after game, because with the low TTK anyone sneezing your direction can kill you and their tools alone wont save them (this is just speculation from my point of view, but I believe it is a valid point and understand it does not apply to all cases).

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Insurgency2 was fun because of the 1 hit kills.

No thank you, senpai. To the head, with sniper rifles, to unarmored targets … yes. I'm cool with this only if armor actually counteracts what its supposed to.

Once more we've spawned yet another TTK thread, so that always brings a joy to my heart.

I agree with most of @Benny and @Benz.

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the skill ceiling in this situation would be LOWER

Yes, exactly. Frankly, all the people who want an instagib all the time, to me, seem like they just want to decrease the skill required to play the game. There's no correlation between instagib and higher skill or more tactical play. It makes people jump around and flick shot, among other ridiculousness (which was rampant in ins2 and doi). To me it seems like they're not good at this game, but were good at ins2 and are trying to find reasons why.

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I'm bored of FPS games where everything comes down to aim.

Uhhh… what?

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why you want a competitively viable alternative to CSGO when you have CSGO

Uhhh why do you want apples if you have oranges? Who needs more variety?

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Once more we've spawned yet another TTK thread, so that always brings a joy to my heart.

We actually haven't spawned another one. This one was started like a month ago and someone nerco'd it lmao.

Alex said on the stream today that there's been changes to a lot of things, including the damage model, on their end of things, so we'll have to just wait and see.

@zayzek Sounds like you cant aim for the head, If you could you'd realise its a 1 shot kill with pistols regardless of armour. Aim better or go play fortnight.

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someone nerco'd it lmao

Ah I see. I was wondering why it had so many views...

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@zayzek Aim better or go play fortnight.

  1. Coming from a guy with zero hours on the game, it's spelled Fortnite.

  2. Aren't headshots the meta in Fortnite to begin with?

Can this thread just die already?