Help with multiplayer league!

Hi all,

A few friends and I have been having a blast playing a multiplayer league, and I've run into an issue. The league is set up with 3 humans and 3 AI, and when I play against the AI I don't see the post-match screen with the winnings and the ability to re-roll post match winnings. Is there a place where this can be seen?

Also, I am currently running a Nurgle team, and killed two players in my last match, both with block actions, and both basic players with no skills and under 3 strength. As per the ability, I should have got these players as Rotters at the end, but I didn't see anything nor get anyone? Is this linked to the post-match screen as per the journeymen who played? I didn't see the ability to hire the journeyman I played with either.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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Hi, thanks for your report.

This is a known issue in multiplayer matches against AI. Both problems are caused by the same issue. Since the end game window is skipped, you can't reroll winnings and/or hire rotters.

It should be fixed in a future update.