First ESP hacker I ran into

So I saw a blatant ESP user in game. He was tracking and following people through the grounds and mountains. Not going to witch hunt but he was just in a game in the EU server and the name was long. He was just straight up tracing people's locations and not hiding it at all.

He got punked by someone who juked him out by peeking and doming him instantly. It was hilarious to watch it happen and of course my shadowplay decided to take a GIANT dump on me and I couldn't record it!!! I hope the game doesn't succumb to hacks.

Interesting / unfortunate that somebody has already gotten around the anti-cheat. This just further reinforces the need for a report player button when viewing others.

Yeah I was so pissed when I hit my hotkey and it said Shadowplay was unresponsive. His aim would jump from person to person and somehow he was just firing non stop, I think I saw him use over 200 rounds of 9x39mm for his Groza.