Choas/norse mixed team

Anyone else find it odd that the chaos and Norse don't have a mixed team? The chaos warriors are Norse and nearly all Norse worship the gods of chaos, Khorne in particular. Yetis are even a result of trolls and ogres in the northern wastes sucumbing to the magic of chaos, right? On that note it might even make sense for the ogres to play on that team as well, it could be called the northern chaos wastrels or something.

The BB universe is not the Warhammer universe and the same lore does not always apply - in the "real" WH universe there's no chance Orcs and Elves would be playing football together! Consider it a "branch" of 80s warhammer.

BB Norse are 'vikings', not a bunch of chaos-wannabes.
They're more interested in drinking beer, looting and pillaging and sailing off into the distance, not collecting "skulls for the skulls god".