Are RPGs Too Slow? Discuss + A Huge Bug w/ Them

The RPGs in the game are so slow that even if you're only 20 feet from a passing car you still need to lead it by a whole car length just to hit it. It seems like the RPGs only travel around 60-80 mph... IRL they travel 300 m/s...

Does the "rule of cool" apply here or should they be more realistic?

Also, there's a huge bug when firing RPGs. The rocket should leave the tube so fast it's IMPOSSIBLE to change the trajectory by turning. But in game, if you snap your aim somewhere else up to ~200 ms AFTER firing the RPG, it will be fired at the new aimpoint. Try it. Fire an RPG and then snap your aim somewhere else really fast. The RPG (that should have already left the tube) will be "re-aimed"

I would love to see rpgs being sped up. They ARE too slow. Painfully slow.

Edit: I killed myself so many times with that annoying bug.

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RPGs are pretty fast in my opinion. The only thing I wish it did was make the blast radius bigger to clear rooms.

I mean. I'd love to know how fast the rockets in the game are ACTUALLY going. But if they wanted them to be realistic, it has to be near 670 miles per hour (300 meters per second)

Basically think about it like this. It should hit something that is 300 meters away in ONE second. Rockets in the game only seem to travel maybe half that or less?

Isnt it the whole essence of this game? Laying somewhere,
seeing this smoke trail kinda coming up to you like a a slow, chilled
fucking choo choo train and rip you apart while you can hear someone
Wont work with 300m/s!