Watch MudRunner - American Wilds' Teaser Trailer!

@knight25 It is true that we originally planned to include tracked vehicles into one of the updates to Mudrunner - it was not a lie. But plans have changed 🙂
So thank you for buying MR - but as many people have contributed a lot to this game - me included - I really don't feel ashamed by its quality (especially given the discount to original Mudrunner owners) 🙂 In fact I'm pretty proud of what we with Saber and Focus were able to accomplish!

@ewgenij84 Working mirrors are technically challenging - and it doesnt really add much value to the game itself because you use third-person view most of the time (I've seen many players agree with that and even here we can see some people have never used first person view!)

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@pavel said in Watch Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds' Teaser Trailer!:

we originally planned to include tracked vehicles into one of the updates to Mudrunner - it was not a lie

False advertising, eh?

This is not the first thing you promised and nothing came of it. Anyway, I did not really believe that Mudrunner would be something more than a cashgrab slightly changed spintires (version before timebombs).
And in the future, try to listen more carefully to the players suggestions, as other game developers do.

@Pavel hello, i wasn't sure how often you read the boards. There's a lot of impotent hate from some people here, i'm doing my best not to be triggered.

I'm looking forward to the announced expansion and sequel, glad to see the game being supported.

Thanks for the game, and thanks in particular for the b6a... i hope the little thing can come back for mr2.

@zamal said in Watch Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds' Teaser Trailer!:

@knight25 said in Watch Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds' Teaser Trailer!:

(version before timebombs)

what does that mean?

The original SpinTires had a bug that prevented the game to run after a specific date.
It was fixed though.

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@Pavel: Thanks for posting here.

I understand, that it's not easy to make major changes to an existing game, like adding completely new features, or improving synchronization. So I get your point for pushing these to MR2.

But there are many smaller things that could be done, like:

  • manual gear box for gamepads
  • sequential shifting
  • fully customizable controls
  • better camera controls
  • 64-bit engine

@brainy shit i had original and never experienced that strange

@Brainy ..... my words😉


So we get all together...
aw announced with new game features.... u say yesterday no way....
aw teaser is rendered? The whole pics are rendered too? Or is there graphic improved?
Couse it's not mudrunner... in not gameplay pics or video....

you say nobody use cockpit? of course... it looks really bad... no mirrors... bad texture... teaser shows water splash in window? Why? if nobody use cockpit....

How it can be finished? use almost the same engine from 2014 so.... we have 2018...
yes of course... it's legendary the engine... the idea... I love that game... but can't understand how u can leave the cimmunity stay in the rain and give us nothing that we complain about it...
iam glad for the console players that they will get aw.... but u have the option to optimize some things for mr on pc to let the community alive...

If not... it's the same mistake like with spintires... but we have 2018....

@Pavel Ok , we get it ...some things are harder to implement , but at least bring something new in Mudrunner 2

  • if you can't add weather at least add a snow map (we can make more of them after)
  • new tasks/objectives (transport a vehicle to another location a Bat-M for example , and then let us drive it as a rescue vehicle)
  • new cargo type
  • bring us the wheels sets back (cosmetic only or make them useful)
  • implement tracked vehicles(the modders will do the rest)
  • bigger maps
  • more content

A new game must have new features , if not just call it a DLC ... a disappointing one because we can select a few mods and a map every day ,we put them in a pack and Bam ! it's a DLC with licensed vehicles too .
Just listen to people's feedback, try your best and make a better game with new stuff because we are not going to pay for the same game over and over again.

I use first person view all the time but since you can rotate the camera outside of the cabin I really don't mind having no mirrors

So, we've seen screenshots of Hummer, Western Star and Freightliner. Any speculations as to what the remaining brands might bring? Ford and Chevrolet are currently mentioned in the official announcements. GM has been mentioned in retailer descriptions. (might be one of the removed ones if we've actually gone from nine to seven vehicles?)

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My guess is that we're gonna have two heavy trucks Western Star 6900 and Freightliner Classic and the rest (Ford and Chevrolet) will be small trucks/SUV's plus the Hummer H1.

my guess is that Ford hasn't given their license which is why it went from 9 to 7 vehicles

I can understand the technical challenges of mirrors.
But way did the plans on tracked vehicles change. Of course i know that there are a different program engine for tracks than it is on wheels. But can use some of the same physics to incorporate tracks to the game.
Are there any plans on using 64 bit engine instead of 32 bit.
But still Mudrunner is one of the best games I've been playing. And don't regretting buying it. I have great hopes for the future progress now there are more resources. Keep up the good work.

@hydrowasul The August update still mentions Ford, though. And that's been updated (?) to say seven vehicles.


lets just leave this game alone

its done..

american wilds come and done, then starts mudrunner 2, just hope it will be better, we cant do anything about mudrunner 1 they will stop developing it after USA dlc and Switch version releases im 100% sure in that

move on

Is this gonna be a whole new game or update????

Yeah sadly enough it's true.
So for keep on going with many customers favorite, we have to buy the Mudrunner 2 probably without discount. And have the best hope for that Mudrunner 2 really put Spintires and Spintires Mudrunner in the shadow. Both on visual, graphic engine and vehicle's that's fulfill the buyer's expectation's.
Such as 64 bit, winter weather map, battery powered winche, vehicle with track's and can maybe (if possible) support mod's from Spintires Mudrunner and Mudrunner(just a wish though😁)

that's all they need to do, good graphics, upgrading the engine to fit a 2019 game and support for various other things like weather mutators in the map editor, tracked vehicles etc.
modders are gonna do the rest 😁

@hydrowasul they need to use unreal engine 4 for mudrunner 2