Watch MudRunner - American Wilds' Teaser Trailer!

stop teasing and deliver already

Excited for the release


Try this one...make nice mud sfx and remove the mud chunks... it's really not bad...Try the weather Victor build...has many changes to mud...

That AW dlc is just made for consoles... man they need money and hype that dlc with an rendered teaser... they need much money to give as working wipers...mirrors...full config controls and some new sfx stuff.... is that just to much? This small things would make it tons better... there weather build out there.. ask the author for it... why it's so hard to hear the community... we don't need vehicle's...just make the game better

The only thing I can think that can be fixed is being able to see other players head lights makes to be more realistic and helpful to nav through the night

@ewgenij84 Thanks , but I removed them myself.I agree with you on most of the things , but they can't just take the weather mod and add it to the game , they need to implement it properly , what those guys did is just a work around.

Looks like the new dlc has a free camera?! Maybe the camera wont be attached to that dammed invisible string. Maybe we will be able to actually attach the winch to the tree thats next to us but cant centre the camera on! Id happily pay for new maps and vehicles if they gave us a free camera. Sometimes i just wanna get out of the truck and walk!

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Anybody take my question, can we use Soviet trucks on American soil?πŸ˜•

@fabio-brasil said in Watch Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds' Teaser Trailer!:

Anybody take my question, can we use Soviet trucks on American soil?πŸ˜•

I am pretty sure you can use any truck on any map.

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@brainy Thank you very much for answering my question.☺✌

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@brainy This is correct, all vehicles will be available on all maps, once you've unlocked them.

@Iyagovos i want to assure you i'm still excited for this expansion. Thanks for the video, it's good to see focus responding to requests like this.

If my earlier questions went unanswered for "political" reasons i get it. Thanks again for keeping us as informed as you are allowed.

@grubdumpling Don't worry! I just didn't see them! If the post doesn't say a brand, don't assume they're not in the game - we have to leave some things close to the chest πŸ™‚

Hmm ok new dlc American Wild. And next year Mudrunner 2??
And i wouldn't be surprised that the price isn't low.

Are there any focus on for example(since the game is an idea from actual real life transport).
Check out this

0: 64 bit based system.

1: Mirror's or rear view display of some sort.

2: Better camera.

3: Battery powered winche.

4: Hauling more then Log's and Garage points.

5: And what about tracked vehicles. Since vehicles with steel or rubber track's are been used to hauling Log's and equipment.

I understand that there are a reason to have certain limit's to a game so it wouldn't be to easy and so it doesn't take to short time to finish tasks.
But still, game fan's like it to be as close to real world scenario when it's dealing with vehicles, trucks and machines(and at least let's not forget add-on's and utilityπŸ˜‰)

Some want's to keep it as real as possible, and some want's to do the impossible and drive to the breaking point. And others just like to get the filing of driving machines and equipment that they normally could not do in real life.

I hope that the developers doesn't abandon the unfixed Spintires Mudrunner with it's bug's and issue's, that many games can have when they are realised.

I'm a big fan of the fundamental idea for this game, and it's the one best driver simulator both in game physics and experience.
And im hope that Mudrunner 2 isn't just a money pit where costumers have to pay twice for the same issue's that's just have another skin and sound.

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Hello guys!
Thank you for continued interest in the game! πŸ™‚

I've seen some people mentioning that there is nothing new in this DLC.
I can understand that, but read this - we finally had a big team or artists working on new trucks and maps - some 15 people or more (all the old maps and content was done by maybe 5 people), plus a lot of people working on securing the license deals for the brands - which I'm sure people familiar with the vehicles will appreciate.
So while it is true that new DLC doesn't bring new features like tracked vehicles, the quality and detalisation is not something we could afford before.
On the other hand, thanks to lots of talented and dedicated mod-makers on PC, new content is not something players can be easily impressed with πŸ™‚

So we've taken time to tune the maps so they are played differently compared to the old maps, giving a bit of a new flavour to the game.

After all, like I've written here before, when I look at Mudrunner, game seems pretty well-rounded and complete to me, so its really time to focus on the next big thing!
I agree that multiplayer part needs a lot of polishing (lights/sounds sync etc) but please understand - it is not a trivial thing to do, and it is much more efficient to do those improvements along with other improvements to the principal gameplay. In the end that would make you recieve new cool game sooner!

Best regards,

@Alpscruiser I mod Mudrunner and play it since its release.

Just never used first person much so did not really see it.

@pavel its always refreshing to read ur statements pavel, happy that u still care about this game and are being honest about development and its pros and cons!

u say mudrunner was made by 5 people? that explains a lot, i cant imagine making game with so small staff, wish some huge company would take Mudrunner concept and make it the best Sim game ever with ur help of course, imagine 300 hundred man working on this like, they do it for ubisoft games XD

gl in future

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@pavel So the game is complete for you. And how about official FAQ
informs that tracked vehicles will not be at the time of release - so when? I decided to buy MR really only because I wanted to get official tracked vehicles. Why are you lying? Really, your approach to players/customers is awful.


just say the reason why its not possible to get working mirrors... why we have not full control settings( i dont want to use keyboard when use wheel) we have now water spray on window... but the wipers not work? Editor 64bit... game? Feels like in 2010.... its not new content... just little things to makes it better... thx


Great to hear from you and I’m happy to see the team grew by so much. Can’t wait to hear what mudrunner 2 has in store for us and I’m super exited for american wilds. Hats off to you and your team for making one of the most unique games out there. I wish you guys great success and thanks again for a truly awesome off road experience