Slow Down The Game Play/Mechanics/Bunny Hopping

I liked the first insurgency because it felt fairly realistic and the game play was slower then all the other shooters like the COD/Battlefield with the run and gun gameplay. Run and gun is good in those games but its not why I played insurgency. Right now Sandstorm feels like COD with more realistic gun play and that ok if that what your going for but I think there is already enough twitch shooters. I would like a more methodical game with clearing corners and flashing rooms but right now just sprinting in and gunning down the opponents works way better. Here is some examples of that type of play and it kinda ruins the game for me.

Also the 3rd person animations could use a lot work but the kills feel very satisfying so good job on that guys. Keep up the good work guys!

@stone yeah, I agree. These clips are so cringey

Yeah the 1st clip really rustles my jimmy's.😔

This video might be relevant to the movement/inertia problem in Sandstorm.
Youtube Video

It seems like the developers are trying reach out to more players who are used to the mainstream shooters.

I am assuming that they are trying to make Call of Duty/Battlefield players come over to Insurgency Sandstorm.

I don't think the existing community is happy about this.

While the character is jumping, the recoil should be increased by 200%.

To make this game more tactical = The character should not be able to pull trigger while the character is sprinting or jumping.

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@Stone I completely agree. That first clip made me so mad, and I can't take the current movement system as it is. Thanks for the post.

There are issues in movement mechanics that make the game LESS TACTICAL at the moment:

  1. Instant acceleration to sprint speed
  2. You can zigzag and change direction without slowing down.
  3. When you are hit, your movement is not affected. Players can keep on running full sprint while taking a hit.
  4. Also MAYBE the maximum sprint speed with heavy armour. I really don't have a 100% opinion here at the moment.

These issues effect how people choose positions and paths in the game. They can get away from positional disadvantage more easily at the moment. They are not afraid to run in the open, because you can get away easily from that disadvantage even if you are hit once. They strafe in CQB, because it is possible with these movement mechanics.

Tweaking the points I mentioned would most likely change game to make positioning more important and making it harder for players to get away with huge positional mistakes (but not making it impossible to retreat from a minor positional disadvantage to try and find a better position) and rewarding better positioning and thus RAISING THE TACTICAL SKILL required.